Medicare Supplement Policy (Medigap)

Medicare supplement (aka Medigap) policies are sold by private insurance companies. Supplement policies help pay some health care costs that Original Medicare (Medicare Parts A & B) does not cover such as copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. Here is a link to the 2022 Medicare Supplement Plans Chart.

There are several Supplement/Medigap policies available, Plans A – N. You can use the tool on the North Carolina Department of Insurance website to view plans available in North Carolina.

Who is eligible?

Medicare Supplement policy plans are only sold to individuals who Medicare Parts A and Part B active. 

It is important to understand the enrollment rules when you first become eligible to enroll in a Medicare supplement policy.

When to enroll?

Unlike changing a Part C or Part D plan, supplement policy plans are not subject to the annual enrollment period. However, there are particular circumstances to consider, such as changing from Part C to a supplement policy and Part D. Seek professional advice.


Medicare enrollees should NOT enroll in a supplement policy AND a Medicare Advantage plan.