Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C)

A Medicare Advantage Plan (aka, Part C and/or MA) is another option for Medicare coverage that incorporates Medicare Parts A and B, along with additional benefits.

MA plan options vary from region-to-region and state-t0-state.

Can you explain more about Part C?

Part C, also referred to as a Medicare Advantage Plan, is Medicare coverage administered by a private insurance company that has contracted with Medicare to provide the plan coverage.

The MA incorporates Medicare Parts A and B, and may include prescription drug coverage. However, there are some MA plans that do not include prescription drug coverage.

Many MA plans also include some vision, dental, hearing and other anciliary benefits.

The benefits vary among plans. Explore Medicare Advantage Plans.

Who is eligible to enroll in Part C?

In order to enroll and join a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C), the enrollee must have Medicare Parts A and B active.

Enrollment periods may vary depending upon an individual’s circumstances.

Factors to consider when enrolling in Part C?

Factors to consider when selecting a Medicare Advantage (Part C) Plan are:

  • Provider (Assure that your preferred doctor/hospital is in-network of the plan you choose.)
  • Prescriptions (Cost share may vary depending on the plan’s formulary, etc.)
  • Pharmacy (Prescription cost share may vary depending on the plan’s preferred pharmacies.)
  • Dental, Vision, Hearing benefits (How important are ancillary benefits to you?)