General Enrollment Period (GEP)

The General Enrollment Period (GEP) runs from January 1st – March 31st every year.

Individuals who miss the initial enrollment period may sign up for Medicare during this period.

Why should I sign up for Medicare

When an individual turns age 65 and has no other health insurance option, it is wise to sign up for Medicare Parts A and B during the individual’s initial enrollment period.

If an individual does not sign up for Medicare when eligible, after a full year without health insurance then signs up for Medicare, the individual incurs a penalty for as long as enrolled in Medicare.

The longer an individual has a gap without health insurance, the greater the amount of the penalty.

When will Medicare coverage begin?

If you enroll in Medicare during this period (GEP), your coverage begins on the first day of the month following the date the enrollment is completed.

When can I enroll in a Medicare plan?

You must have Medicare Parts A and B active prior to enrolling in a Medicare plan.

Once you have signed up for Medicare, you may enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan, Medicare supplement policy (Medigap), and/or a Prescription drug plan (Part D).

In most cases, you have a two months following the effective date of Medicare Part B to enroll in a Medicare plan.